Implementing the AutoOffice application in a bank environment

OData support
Dr. Martinek Péter
Department of Electronics Technology

The subject of my thesis was the further development of the AutoOffice trigger application. The business functions of banking and stock-trading systems were managed by human resources so far. In order to automate the process, AutoOffice application was introduced. The application runs the parameterized work-flows on every adjusted day according to the schedule.

Within the further development of the application one of my main projects was to develop a view that manages the duty calendar. This calendar with filtering options provides the opportunity to maintain the duty assignments.

Furthermore, in the frame of my other project I worked out the implementation of mailing ability. Due to mailing ability the operators can get immediate information about the running processes. As a result of the development automated messages can be sent in every step of the process.

During the development phrase I intended to create the new views and functions in a way that they would be fully adjusted to the set-up and display of the application.

The references used during execution provided information about technologies like Apache Velocity, Ext JS or Hibernate. Acquiring knowledge about the technologies proved to be essential during the development of the application.


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