Car Diagnostic Measurements with Android Support

OData support
Dr. Ekler Péter
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Nowadays, day by day more and more devices, sensors and gadgets are getting connected to the Internet in the world of the Internet of Things. One such sensor set is a car itself, which began to be used in the smart car-based solutions in recent years.

However, a car is a complex system, it is not trivial, how its different data is sent to the Internet. In the transmission, two interfaces can be utilized: the OBD port (only used for maintenance) and the CAN bus system (used for communication between the internal systems).

We can connect to both interfaces with adapters, then the converted data streams can be uploaded to the Internet via a computer or a smart phone.

In my thesis, I focus on the comparison of the OBD data and CAN data. For this, I used the resources and services of the SensorHUB framework and its automotive subsystem, the VehicleICT framework.

I implemented the ObdCanCompare application, which is suitable for receiving parallel Bluetooth data streams both from the OBD Bluetooth adapter and from the Inventure Inc.'s FMS Gateway CAN adapter as well, displaying them and transmitting to the SensorHUB server. By the application it is possible to analyse data with the built-in real-time comparative charts, dashboard-like displays and text displays.

It is also possible to analyse the data set stored on the server with Big Data methods. For this, I present examples of reports, comparative charts and maps using the Pentaho Business Intelligence system.

The analysis shows, that the OBD and CAN bus data are similar to a certain extent. Some features like engine RPM or speed correspond roughly, but a number of additional parameters, including derived values significantly differ.

As a conclusion, we can say that for a basic smart car-based solution such as the Social Driving application, it is sufficient to use the OBD port. But for professional solutions, such as fleet management systems, the CAN bus-based solution is a better choice.


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