Autódiagnosztikai szoftver fejlesztése automatizált tesztrendszerhez

OData support
Dr. Pilászy György
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

There are a lot of control units in recent automobiles. Nowadays it is required for these control units to have diagnostic functions, and it is an expectation for them to work reliably.

In the first chapter of this work I demonstrate the simulation system used for testing the control units, and the protocols used for communication. We can see how these protocols work, from CAN — providing the basic communication — through TP2.0 — providing transparent data flow — to KWP2000 — designed for diagnostic purposes.

In the second chapter I show the structure of my program, beginning the description with the lower levels. Here the emphasis is on the connection of different softwares. Then I continue with the transportation layer, where I had to use such conceptions as finite state machine, and the reliable handling of computing threads. The application layer provides the connection between the user and the transportation layer. During its realization the main object was the user-friendly implementation of the diagnostic services.

The third chapter talks about the challenges happened during the integration of the program into the test system. The chapter also shows us the results of the integration. I demonstrate how a web server can be used as an easy and effective solution for communication between processes.

The goal of this thesis is to demonstrate the construction of a diagnostic software, from the specification to the integration in the test system.


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