Design and implementation of an auto electronic production line testing system for detection of EOS-based failures

OData support
Dr. Gordon Péter Róbert
Department of Electronics Technology

Electronic products play very important role in our life nowadays. As a user, we are really satisfied only, if the used product is working well without any failure. For the manufacturers the main aim is to produce good quality, reliable products. To ensure these properties, appropriate testing is a must.

During my work I got to know the manufacturing processes and testing possibilities of automotive electronics. I described the test types, and I introduced the importance and the attribution of it. Furthermore, I presented the potential failure modes, especially electrical overstress. I showed the types and the consequences of this failure, and I described some options for protection, which are used in production or the development phase of the product.

In my thesis, I presented an electrical failure related to the manufacturing, and my aim was to specify, build and transfer it to the production line. I detailed the used equipment, the background of my decisions and the conditions of the production line adaptability.


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