Development of a real-time CAN to CAN gateway configuration tool for automotive applications

OData support
Dr. Kiss Bálint
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

In the product development lifecycle of automotive electric control units (ECU) car tests are becoming more and more important. During these tests, the ECU is integrated into the car with the help of a CAN gateway. To make the testing procedure more effective and agile, the need of reconfigurable gateways emerged in order to simulate the CAN communication for the current test case. The primary goal of this thesis work is to implement a device which is capable to realize the above mentioned functionality.

For flexible usability, the wireless Bluetooth protocol was chosen for communicating between the device and the gateway. This required an extension of the hardware and software of the currently used CAN gateway. The device uses a Li-Ion battery which can be charged over USB or over the 12V car power system. The device got equipped with an OLED display and a matrix keypad and can be configured with the help of a user application running on Windows operating system over USB protocol.

In the first part of my thesis I will provide a short overview of the CAN protocol, the role of CAN gateways in automotive industry and the description of the hardware and software structure of the used CLAuS CAN gateway. The concept and the system description are also given, followed by the hardware plans of the device and that of the gateway extension. Some details of the firmware code focusing on low power and interrupt driven features and the software tool for configuring the device are presented. The discuss on further development opportunities closes the thesis report.


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