Modeling BCI coil for automotive EMC measurements

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Fehér Gábor
Department of Broadband Infocommunications and Electromagnetic Theory

At planning and realization of an electrical unit huge care must be taken to the prevention of unwanted emission of several electromagnetic noise. Besides the designer must take care of the immunity of his product against the electromagnetic waves around us. The collective noun of these points of view is the electromagnetic compatibility, shortly EMC. In a vehicle electrical control units (ECUs) are responsible for safety functions thus making these systems robust is an indispensable issue. In order to guarantee robustness a number of test measurements has to be carried out. These measurements have to be done in a proper way so standards were developed with detailed description of the procedures.

One kind of measurement is the BCI, which bases on the first law of Maxwell, on the Ampère’s circuital law. The essence of the measurement is, that with the help of a coil, disturbances are transmitted to the harness of the ECU and the work of the ECU is controlled, so the immunity is tested.

BCI measurement require shielded, reflection-free room and high accuracy measurement devices. Furthermore the human resources must be taken into consideration. Easy to see, that such measurements require huge resources. At the Robert Bosch Kft the AE/EMC-Bp group is responsible for EMC measurements. Although the group has more shielded, reflexion-free rooms the increase of the number of requested measurements make it necessary to optimize this process. An effective way to test EMC problems is to simulate the target device behavior in the specific tests. In order to do this with BCI measurements, first an accurate simulation model of the coil has to develop.

In my thesis first I will introduce the basics of the BCI measurement than I will show the steps of creating an accurate BCI model in CST Microwave Studio. Finally I will verify my model with microwave measurements.


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