Extension of automotive HIL simulator to support ESP functionality

OData support
Scherer Balázs Attila
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

When developing complex embedded systems, it is essential to systematically and tho-roughly testing the product, because the car manufacturing companies can keep the con-fidence of their buyers and comply with various legal regulations by this way. The more and more commonly encountered test system is that it is possible to carry out audits, not only in static situations, but also in dynamic, simplistic simulations of reality.

Testing in a real environment is a time-consuming, costly and hazardous test method, because it requires the development of a test track, the payment of test staff, and the safety of the environment. Although these types of tests are essential in the final phase of the development, it is often a good solution for the upcoming tests. Testing the va-rious control devices can be done virtually by a specially designed method. These so-called Hardware in the Loop (HIL) tests have been widespread in the automotive in-dustry due to their speed, cost, safety and efficiency benefits. For their compilation, complex environmental simulations are required, where the stimulation of the embedded system requires a variety of analogue and digital signals.

In the BME MIT Bosch laboratory, such test systems have been developed with that students can perform HIL test measurements, design and test their own algorithms and control units. This is a well-functioning environment, but the limitations of the inner car simulator restrict the palette of developable devices.

The purpose of my thesis is to examine the possibilities of supplementing the HIL environment in the BME MIT Bosch laboratory, with the so-called active safety equ-ipment to be tested for ESP functionality. Particular attention is paid to the possibility of controlling the brake force of the wheels individually, and I make a HIL test system by modifying the current environment.


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