Design and Implementation of Automotive LIN Communication

OData support
Dr. Sütő Zoltán
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Local Interconnect Network (also known as LIN) is an asynchronous, serial network protocol mostly used for communication between vehicle components. The need for such an alternative serial network appeared as more and more electronic technologies and facilities got implemented in mass produced cars. The most used protocol of the time, Controller Area Network bus was too expensive to implement for every single component in the car. After going through a few years of development and improvement, the modern LIN protocol is capable of working together with the still leading CAN network, monitoring non fault-critical systems, while being cheap to implement and easy to monitor.

Those doing measurements with such subsystems require an easy-to use multifunctional tool for sending commands and recording measurement data. This diploma also goes through the steps of developing such a tool, with JTGAG debugging and Secure Digital card support.

The diploma is structured in a way to be used as a general guideline for those who would like to join into the testing and development of LIN-based systems, or if they would like to design such a system themselves.


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