DCDC power supply development for automaotive safety processor

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Dr. Balogh Attila
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Nowadays there is more and more interest about self-driving cars. In self-driving technology the most critical part is the MCU (micro-controller unit). To be able to work properly, MCU needs appropriate power supply, and automotive environment maintains special requirements about it.

MCU usually needs two kinds of voltage level: one of them for the communication, and another for the arithmetical unit. This thesis concentrates only to the arithmetical unit.

The company called Thyssenkrupp will introduce a new processor family to the present hardware environment. The previous architecture had been power-supplied by pass regulator, but now it will need a DC/DC converter instead of it, to be able to improve the efficiency.

The actual task is to design the DC/DC converter which meets the requirements of EMC and also automotive one. This work includes design of the necessary components e.g. filters, switching unit, and PCB planning. Finally, it needs to validate EMC compliance with simulations and measurements.


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