Validating automotive communication conformance test equipments

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Naszály Gábor
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

The purpose of my thesis is the study and implementation of the possible validation processes of the automotive communication related conformance test equipment. During my work I got acquainted with various conceptions and their scope, regarding the qualification of measuring equipments used in automotive industry, then with a suitable method for monitoring the studied system’s parameters, which meant the statistical process control.

After that I studied and presented both the hardware and the software structure of the conformance test system, as detailed as the thesis required, especially focusing on the limitations caused by the system itself and their effects on the validation processes. With the knowledge I earned during my work I managed to design and implement a software, which executes the validation processes of the chosen parameters. In the last third of my thesis I presented the measurement process and the received results of the chosen processes.

At last I had a look at the possible improvement of the validation software.


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