Automatic measurement of physical layers used in automotive communication networks using GPIB instrumentation

OData support
Naszály Gábor
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

There are more and more embedded systems in our world, whether they are in our cars or in our homes, their safe and reliable operations are essential.

Though people tend to forget that a new device does not only consist of the process of development, but the testing of that device is also an important and crucial step. During my work there were many cases when the developers turned to the test team with different questions and requests. The requests were mainly about immediate testing, which fulfillment was often almost impossible. To be short in time is a frequent problem during testing.

Mainly because of the above mentioned, my task was to prepare an automated measuring system which makes the measurement of the physical layers of CAN and LIN communication protocols easier and quicker.

In the first part of my thesis I present the main characteristics of the three most prevailing communication networks in the automotive industry; afterwards I survey the different measuring tools for the preparation of measurements themselves.

In the second part I highlight the achievement and build-up of the measurements with the chosen measuring tool. To support the test team I made a measuring system which allow more automated run of measurements, and handled the variation between measurements with bigger flexibility.

Finally, at the end of my thesis I write about the further possibilities for developments, increase of complexity and targets.


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