Reprograming of an automotive industrial robotcell and safety analysis of the new operation

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Oláh István
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics


The application of robotics is conquering larger and lagrer field in the manufacturing industry. This fact is even more present in the automotive sector. Complex problems are turning up in the sertain fases by the of production, by the optimalisation of the avaible working space and by the continouos expansibility, the field of robotics is giving the solution.

In this case, with the use of the technological flexibility, I shold expand a robot cell with a new function, wich allows the installation of a new gravitational sill infeeder, naturally, with the old functions still in use. The task is to create the simulation plans of a new robot cell in an automotive welding facility, and the integration of the new type, with help of the offline plans the construction on the field nad documentation.

I can confirm my work, with field testing and experience gathering at the plant. By the creation of this paper I touch the applications, the problem solving method of the industrial robotics with illustrations, examples and simulations. After, I show the communication, and style following, by moving backward form the raw material to the line control. Finally I demonstrate the operation of the new gravitational sill infeeder with my program which satisfies the needs of safety and production.


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