Program development for a conveyor and sorting system used in the automotive industry

OData support
Dr. Kiss Bálint
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

One of the leading car factories is planning to manufacture a new type of car at its plant in Hungary. Before switching the production completely to the new car type, both the old and new versions will be produced simultaneously such that the share of the new type will be raised gradually. This presents both control- and logistic-engineering challenges to the factory.

The new model differs a lot from the old one, especially in the car body elements. The different types of cars need different car body carriers, so a new car body sorting place needs to be installed. The installation itself has been completed, but the control algorithm, and the visualization components were not fully operational at beginning of the semester.

In my thesis work, I am going to present the modifications required to finalize the control algorithm and the visualization components. In addition to the documentation of the solution, my work also provides an overview of the related industrial automation technologies, the regulations in force at the automotive industry, the applied HMI environment and the family of the applied PLCs.


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