Development of a Test Environment for Automotive Control Units

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Kökényesi Tamás
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Safety is an essential factor in automotive industry, and it is closely related to the quality and reliability of the parts. A fundamental tool of quality assurrance is testing, which filters out the errors occurring during the development, the production and the subsequent usage.

The reader of this thesis can gain insight into the development of a real industrial test environment, which serves to test the functions of automotive control units already in serial production.

First of all I briefly introduce the control unit, as well as the tools I received as an input for my work. Then I describe the SCPI commands and the GPIB bus, which operates by the IEEE-488 standards, which enable the communication between the instruments.

The major of my work was selecting and adapting new programmable instruments to the test program, which was developed by Bosch in an object-oriented language. These instruments include a multimeter, a power supply, a data acquision and switch unit with a variety of attached modules, a counter/timer and a function generator.

The last part of my thesis discusses the verification of the testing functions, then sums up the practical value of my work and the planned future goals of this project.


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