Energy management test development for automotive ECUs

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Scherer Balázs Attila
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

The electronics in the automotive industry came to a level where beside the safety-critical aspects, a large number of convenience features can take place, which are summarized as comfort electronics. The energy consumption of these electronic systems plays a decisive role. Some loads consume just a few Watts, but there are also those where this can reach the order of hundred Watts, and it also should be noted, that some components appear in the car multiplied. As an example, a high-end vehicle can contain more than 60 electric motors, not including embedded motors such as disc players, or the internal cooling of entertainment products. It can be easily seen that the power management of the comfort electronics is an important tool to keep the vehicle fuel consumption and thus the operating costs low.

For controlling the operation of the large number of electronic components the so called ECUs (Electronic Controll Units) care, which are called in the field of comfort electronics the “body computer”. The ECUs carry out the control of dataflow on the connected networks, thus creating inter-network interfaces, providing gateway functions. Due to their central role, the power management is realized in these units.

The thesis aims the development of an automated test system of such a body computer, focused on power management. The test covers the network management of the connected communication networks, and the investigation of the self status management. Since the development of the control unit was based on the AUTOSAR standard, it was a high priority task for the test software to be easily adaptable for AUTOSAR based ECUs, therefore careful planning stages of the development was required. The input of the finished, working test software are the dataflow on the connected networks as well as the internal variables of the control unit. The output of the test software – the generated test report – indicates the correctness of the software running on the body computer.


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