Decreasing the amount of dropped components of automatic pick&place machines

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Dr. Gordon Péter Róbert
Department of Electronics Technology

The merit of the chosen topic is from the effect of the financial crisis to the automotive suppliers. Since they are even more sensitive to costs the competition among them becomes more acute. That is the reason why I analyzed the performance of several placement machines in the production line of a multinational company which is manufacturing high end automotive component for the industry. I make suggestions in order to improve the cost efficiency by increasing the yield and reducing manufacturing of faulty products.

I was observing the combination and the relative frequency of components dropped by the placement machines. Based on my observation I isolated those component families, which are critical for the production. I have found that the highest valued scrap was caused by a machine, which is programming the microcontrollers, and appears as a feeder in the placement machine.

Due to the complexity of this process, many possible can be suspected. By analyzing this critical machine I pointed out all relevant discrepancies that have to be dealt with. The root causes of these mechanisms were discovered by me and several operations was suggested in order to improve them. The most challenging part of my thesis was to design and program a supplementary electronics, which is responsible for some synchronization processes and which improved the overall yield of the production line.

Many of my suggested solutions have already been introduced in that factory at these critical stages, and they are performing very well up to now. Thanks to my investigations the total number of the dropped components is reduced to the half.


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