Autonomous industrial robot moved by automated guided vehicle

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Varga Zoltán
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Nowadays the trends of the industry are automation, computerisation and the use of cyber-physical systems. Based on this process the manufacturing machines can also be improved – taking the advantage of the new possibilities – to provide much more flexibility for the industrial facilities. Also in the case of humanoid industrial robot – which is getting applied in more and more producing lines thanks to its universal usability – comes the demand to be applicable at multiple working stations in an industrial plant and to accomplish the locomotion autonomously. The solution is the mobilisation of the robot, which would increase the exploit of the device and provide the possibility to use it on places where otherwise it would not be economically affordable to install one. The aim of this work is to give a review on the main functions, components and the operation of such a device and to provide a study based on which an optimal construction for a given set of tasks can be chosen and the realization of the appliance can be started.


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