Development of an automatic calibration system for vehicle navigation unit

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Czifra Dávid Szilárd
Department of Electron Devices

Nowadays we can experience enormous evolution of the autonomous unmanned aerial vehicles, in addition to its’ military applications they getting more and more widely used in civil life. The spread of these vehicles become more extensive, owing to the faster, better quality and cheaper processors and sensors, which provides new possibilities to create more effective realization methods, algorithms and high reliability architectures. One part of it is the development of the aerial vehicles’ navigation unit.

The goal of this thesis is to design and prepare an intelligent navigation platform that consists of a navigation unit, an associated graphical user interface for the control of the system as well as an automated calibration system with two degrees of freedom gimbal.

The thesis provides an overview of unmanned aerial vehicles, their navigation possibilities, the different types of errors of the sensors, the methods of their calibration.

It presents its hardware, software and the operation of the navigation unit accomplished during my previous works, and describes the structure of the gimbal used for the present calibration.

After that, it specifies the results of my current work: implementation of the automated calibration system, methods of calibration, analyses different solutions for high vibrations and error signal issues caused by motors and propellers in inertial sensors’ signals.

As a result of the above it presents an efficient real-time adaptive filtering method and shows its analysis results. It describes the implementation and the operation result of this system in the real environment.


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