Design of an automatic gate opener

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Dr. Stumpf Péter Pál
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

No day is spent without going through a gate or door of some type either on foot or by car. In most commercial buildings, the majority of the gates are already automated, however, in residental properties, there are still lots of garden gates without automation and therefore we can assume that there is also demand for an affordable, yet easy to install gate opener. As technology advances, automatically operated doors and gates become more and more wide-spread, however, unfortunately not all of them operate quite as they should. Having experienced some difficulties and seen problems of automatic gates, and having seen the market demand for these products, I decided to design an automatic gate opener which aims to be better in certain aspects than gates that are currently available on the market. As always there are certain regulations regarding gate openers that need to be met, and there is also a huge list of requirements that need to be fullfilled to achieve an ever increasing number of satisfactied customers, while trying to keep the whole design feasible and affordable at the same time.

The most popular types of gates and gate openers of both residential and commercial use are introduced and compared within the project to provide the reader a general overview about the topic.

After presenting the results of the market research, the project shows the detailed steps of designing the mechanics of a gate opener from the first sketches of the product through the reasons behind part selection to the assembly steps of the final product.

Main mechanical systems presented in the project include the gearing, the spindle drive, the detaching mechanism and all related mechanical parts of the gate opener. The necessary electric components such as the electromotor, the motor controller, the microcontroller, their power supply and their outline as well as the basics of the software algorithm are also explained.

Finally, the related costs and feasibility of the project are also summarized and the sketch of a flyer along with basic packaging information are also displayed.


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