Modification of automatic warehouse conveyor system

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Katona László Dr.
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

All companies endeavor to produce more efficient. They try to reduce their expenses and increase the production. They are trying to achieve this with more elaborate process automation. Automation of production processes increases efficiency and reliability, reduces costs and makes it easier for documentation. The continuous production requires continuous delivery of large amount of materials. As a result, factories have evolved automatic conveyor and storage systems. If the needs of factory production change, these systems will also need to change. In this thesis I present a modification of automatic warehouse conveyor system.

At the beginning of the thesis I describe the initial state of the warehouse. We look at the structure of the system, how it has worked for deliveries. This is followed by the studying of Allen-Bradley programmable logic controller. I used this controller in the project and I show its programming possibilities and development environment.

I review the causes in which the modification is required. I will show the solution of the issues and describe the specification. I determine the tasks which I had to performed during the project.

Finally, I will present the modification with the changes of the program code and a full test of the system. I summarize the experiences which was gathered during the project and my personal experiences also.


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