Automatic set-top box unit test system for digital and hybrid TV broadcasts, design and implementation

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Vámos Péter
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

Over the past few decades, television has served mankind as the source of one of the cheapest, most common and easiest accessible form of entertainment. Television manufacturers and service providers have realized that massive profits and revenues are yet to be gained in this segment of the entertainment industry; however, the maintenance of the popularity of television as well as the delivery of high standard services to customers require constant technical innovation and development. The increasing number of high definition broadcasts or the increase of interactivity in television technology is just a few examples of such innovation. New technology obviously necessitates ample testing prior to implementation. My thesis focuses on the presentation of the testing systems that I designed and implemented in the test laboratory of Magyar Telekom's Digital TV Platform Development Center. One of the systems I tested is a Set Top Box inspection system that enables the simultaneous testing of fifty devices. The other system I tested is an automated measurement system that allows the control of various devices and hardware as well as the evaluation of results. The functionality of the devices has been basically enhanced thanks to the automatization of the previously manual measurements. The utilization of the two systems resulted in a significant decrease of the time that the testing requires. The two systems further enable the statistic evaluation of the results and consequently drawing conclusions for future testings.


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