Automatic documentation synthesis in model-driven development processes

OData support
Dr. Hegedüs Ábel
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

During the growing complexity of software design and implementation the process of documentation is an essential task. The complexity of the system also increases in proportion to the size of documentation, the preparation and maintance of which requires significant time investment.

Documentation can be made in several ways, even using simple text editors or such documentation tools that provide a link between the text of the documentation and the documented content. It not only assists in the maintance process, but some parts can be generated automatically. However, these tools are usually only applicable to the documentation of a certain range of problems or to the use of certain development methods.

Such a method is the model-driven software development, where the goal is to create the most complete, correct models, and the intelligent development environments provide a way for automatically generating a portion of the code. Different development environments are available, but the documentation software can not necessarily work together with the other tools in the same environment. One such popular modeling framework in modeldriven development is the Eclipse Modeling Framework.

Within the ranges of thesis I created a software suitable for writing documentation, which is tied to the development environment and can link parts of the documentation to the elements of models. A simple editor interface helps writing documentation text, showing the effects of formatting even while editing. The application is able to generate a structured document based on a generic structure and inserting documentation and model parts.

In this paper I present the necessary technology for making the software, like the Eclipse Platform or the EMF as a model-driven development tool, various document formats and some of the existing EMF model documenting solutions. After that I design and implement the application, create a sample model, through which I test the application.


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