Automatic Gain Control for Visible Light Optical Communications

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Fehér Gábor
Department of Broadband Infocommunications and Electromagnetic Theory

Nowadays, with the spread of portable communication devices and the advancement of technology, there is a growing demand for high speed wireless communication methods.

However, the now intensive advancement of wireless networks can not continue beyond all limits, without a paradigm shift: the frequency domain which is currently used for this purpose, the RF domain, is not infinite. To this problem the VLC technology offers a solution. The visible light frequency domain, from the point of view of communication, is completely unused, and also much wider than the RF domain.

The application of this technology is encouraged to be taken into consideration, because the necessary infrastructure is already available, only minor modifications are needed in order to create an operating system.

There is another topic receiving attention these days: the indoor positioning. It is now considered essential to have GPS-based positioning in different devices, however due to system limitations, the use of this tool is only possible outdoors. We have the technology which is needed to create an indoor, high-precision positioning system, but the costs of implementing such system makes it economically inefficient.

However, this barrier is eliminated by using VLC and a system like the one described above could be financially viable.

This thesis presents the designing procedure and implementation of an automatic gain control circuit which is a critical part of a VLC-based positioning system, including the details on the theoretical basics and the test results of the completed circuit.


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