Automatic user level testing in django framework

OData support
Dr. Szeberényi Imre
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

An IaaS Cloud Computing System, Circle has been developing at the department of the university for some years. Its development happens on the base of extreme computing. Django based web portal is its primary interactive interface for users. The system components can be managed and different services can be used on its surface.

According to the continuous integration principle all modifications made on Circle should be united with the main code several times a day. This expectation is limited by the stable master policy since it accepts only stable version of the main code. On the base of this contrast emerges the need, the versions should be get in the stable state as fast as possible. As a solution the test driven development strategy has been started to use. Existing tests are not perfect and they cannot be used as satisfying functional tests that is why it was necessary to create a new testing framework.

In my thesis I show briefly the theoretical construction and realization of the cloud computing system at the department, then I explain its development process and tools. After that I examine the possible testing solutions for automatic test of user's interfaces. Next I write in details about the steps and problems of its realization and solutions. I present test cases which use the possibilities of the framework and the process of their planning. Last I show the measurable testing metrics using the framework and the change of the metrics after running the test cases.


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