Automatic graph layout for dynamically updated topologies

OData support
Dr. Babarczi Péter
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

Graphs are often used to illustrate several kinds of data sets and data connections, because they are well understandable. Graphs which illustrates different kinds of data may need different types of visualization. There are numerous graph drawing algorithms offering solution to this problem.

In a freshly developed graphic testing tool of Ericsson network topologies are also represented by graphs. In my thesis I recommend solutions for the full and partial ordering of these topologies. The full ordering is done by the help of a function library implementing graph drawing algorithms, while I implement and parameterize an own algorithm for the partial ordering, highly based on the already known methods.

In the first section of my thesis I introduce the relevant graph drawing algorithms, from which I thoroughly review the group of force-directed graph drawing algorithms. After this I proceed to review my solutions for the full and partial graph ordering. I also demonstrate the efficiency of these methods by examples.


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