Automatic code generation based on automotive models

OData support
Dr. Sujbert László
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

Experience over the last decades shows, that the number of electronic control units (ECUs) is growing fast in modern vehicles. These devices are responsible for the driver assistance functions. Beside the amount, the complexity of the software running on ECUs is increasing greatly as well, placing new sort of demands on the automotive software engineering.

Due to the real-time requirements and hardware optimization, the development is still based on the C programming language, that makes difficult to implement systems with numerous components. The AUTOSAR software architecture is destined to solve this problem, supporting the creation of complex software systems for ECUs since 2002. The modeling language, defined by the AUTOSAR standard, enables the use of model-based code generation, that simplifies several steps of the development process.

My thesis presents a code generator tool that facilitates the work of test developers by generating test environment for AUTOSAR Basic Software modules, which support system-level functions. The code generator processes the so-called BSW Module Description and produces C program code automatically. After introducing the basics of module testing and the relevant parts of the AUTOSAR standard, I review the design of the test environment, which has the purpose of simulating the surroundings of the module under test. Further on, I present the functions of the code generator in detail, based on the previous design, and the technologies used for implementation. In conclusion, I demonstrate the correct operation of the test environment by implementing and executing simple test cases.


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