Wireless M-Bus for Automatic Meter Reading

OData support
Horváth Zoltán
Department of Networked Systems and Services

Although phrases like Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) and Smart Metering are not completely elaborated, these topics are still determining regarding the future. The aim of the utility providers is to work up technologies, which enable remote access to readings or other data of meters placed at consumers’ locations. I will present the already existing technologies in Chapter 2. In Hungary the goal is to transmit meter data from the meters to the closest electricity meter in the shortest (either wired or wireless) way, from where data can be easily transmitted to the central computer by using existing fixed network. To achieve this goal it is essential to be aware of the advantages and disadvantages of wireless and wired solutions. I have even performed a comparison like this in Chapter 4 regarding the M-Bus protocol, as a result of which it came up to light, that the optimal network can be attained by combining the different solutions.

This is the reason why I set myself the target to create a program in Windows environment, which enables converting messages of RF meters using wireless M-Bus protocol into a format that can be transmitted compatible to wireless M-Bus protocol. The benefit of this is that meter data can be transmitted to an electricity meter with master data center features due to the program, without need of any other appliances (e.g. data collector).

To understand working of the program presented in Chapter 6, it is inevitable to be aware of the concept and scope of M-Bus. I will pan out about it in Chapter 3 of my thesis. Precognition of wireless M-Bus protocol like build-up of messages, communication types and data encryption (since this is wireless change of information) is indispensable in this topic, too. All these are presented in Chapter 5.

Like other European countries, Hungary is currently in phase of pilot projects, so the future of AMR technologies and M-Bus is still open. I describe the common goals and achievements concerning these technologies in Chapter 7.


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