Automated online car data scraping

OData support
Gincsai Gábor
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

The goal is an end to end software solution, capable of comparing vehicle data tables online. It uses a cutting edge Angular framework for frontend, that takes car URLs. These URLs can link to any HTML page (website) containing vehicle data. The backend can process these pages and assign them a "worth" rating. HTML- (text content) processing is done by a custom extractor of mine, and the calculation of worth is done by my own algorithm also. This algorithm takes into account the most common and important features of the vehicles such as power, mileage, price etc. The frontend then can present all vehicles’' data in a table, sorted by their rating by which the user is able to see all relevant data in one place. The user can save the table for later evaluation after login. For the sake of better user experience there is a browser extension available in Google store for this application. This extension spares the user the time and effort of copy-pasting the URLs and tab switches by giving them a button to save the car URLs for the application while on the page of the desired car. This way the user can browse for cars as long as they like, and then use the application to compare the best results they've found. Furthermore, the usage of the extension improves the performance of backend processing by more than a tenfold.


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