Analysing the Illumination Possiblities of Automatic Optical Inspection

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Janóczki Mihály
Department of Electronics Technology

Usually people do not make products without control. I mean on this control the optical/visual, electronic and functional control too. In this work I will introduce only the otical inspection. In the past the optical control was made by human eyes. This was not so effective and the decisions addicted from the actual person. In this decision the following things was played a big role: How good eyes have the person, tiredness, etc. To leave these problems, the industry must make this step to automatic. That is why must develop the engeneers the Automated Optocal Inspecion devices.

On this paper I will write down how is buildig up an AOI (Automated Optical Insection), after which process can/must use it the industry, why should we use it, what kind of illumination passibilities are there, why should we use different kind of illuminations after each step. I will write down the advantages and the disadvantages of the light sources and in our days what kind of developing are on this mashines.


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