Automatic compiler and evaluation system for programming exercises

OData support
Dr. Kollár Zsolt
Department of Broadband Infocommunications and Electromagnetic Theory

As part of my thesis, I will evaluate current systems that enable submitting, compiling and running programming assignments. Furthermore, I create a system that provides the previously mentioned services.

The main goal of my task is to summarize options for submitting, securely compiling and running program codes and demonstrate an implementation that is ready for real-life usage.

Currently, there are many solutions for submitting programs. Similarly, there are solutions for compiling and running code. In my work, I design and implement a system that allows both.

As part of my thesis I implement an internet portal via which assignments may be submitted.

The portal is able to compile, run and (given the right parameters) evaluate the submitted code in a secure manner.

As part of the development, I implement a server- and clientside application and design and create the necessary database with attention to performance, robustness and extensibility. At the end of the task, I also mention possibilities of improvement.


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