Automated software testing in banking environment

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Dr. Villányi Balázs János
Department of Electronics Technology

The subject of my thesis automated sofrware testing. which is very current in today’s wordl. The quality of software is becomming more important role, which is a key element of testing.

In the first part of my paper I write on the basics of testing, the core testing process and the implementation of steps, of an emphasis on the importance of regression tests.

The test management tools to assist in the testing process and increase traceability. I present HP products, the Quality Center and the Qiuck Test Professional. These two software from requirements gathering, through the planning of tests and the implementation of and follow-up of possible problems and failures can help you save time and to any organization. In addition, I describe another popular software, the possibilities of Selenium.

I present the tested software, the most popular corporate internet banking system. the webElectra, which is an integrated, unified, permeable interface for the customer financials manage.

In the last part I write the progress of development.


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