Automatic validation environment for the TESRA test system

OData support
Naszály Gábor
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

My thesis topic was worked out in Knorr Bremse Vasúti Jármű Rendszerek Hungária Kft. The company deal with the developement and the manufacturing of railway break systems.

My task was performed at the department of research and development where the engineers deal with hardware and sofware development and also the testing of the finished electronics. Some kind of break control systems are developed at the department. These systems are named ESRA (Electronic Standards for Railway Applications). The ESRA is a modular controller, which consist of several modules. For example micrcontroller board, power supply or the communication board. These are buit in one rack. The electronics acquires the signals of several sensors, and based on these calculates the suitable breaking strategy and controls the magnet ventils.

In the company the ESRA is tested with a special testing electronics named TESRA (Test ESRA), which simulates the signals for ESRA and examines the signals generated by ESRA. After the deliver from the manufacturer the test systems have to be validated.

The TESRA electronics are validated with a test specification, which contains lot of steps. This test process is really time-consuming (about 3 hours). This means considerable time if more products have to be validated. Because of this facts the development of an automatic validation system became imnportant. This was my task. The requirements define a system, which is mobile, even can be transfer to Germany and works completely automatic. After the user connects the validation system (Autotester) to the TESRA, the Autotester starts the test. After the test the system generates a test report, from which the incidental errors can be explored.


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