Automated ECU extract importer

OData support
Dr. Kovács Tibor
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Automotive software development companies - just like the ecar team of evosoft Hungary Kft. - tend to utilize a unified software standard: the AUTOSAR. The tools used on the same projects are not necessarily provided by the same supplier, so they may not co-operate with each other perfectly, for example during version control.

According to the current solution the system model delivered by the OEM has to be imported into the configuration tool environment. The tool is integrated in the environment of the currently used version control system.

The variant management is really rudimentary right now. Creating a project with two variants means to create two branches derived from the actual platform version. The main advantage of the new solution would be to simplify the variant handling between two projects based on the same software/hardware platform.

The goal is to create files similar to a system descriptor file, a so called ECU extract, to import these files into the configuration and code generation tool, and to minimize the need for manual intervention, ergo automatization of the process.

This thesis details the needed precognitions (AUTOSAR, CAN communication), the used methods and technologies (Python, PyQt, MVC architecture), and also the utilization of this new solution in current projects.

The created tool is suitable for data integration into projects, importing files into the configuration tool, and it also simplifies the version control between two variants of a specific project.


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