Development of Automated SW Integration System in a Body Computer Project

OData support
Dr. Blázovics László
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Informatics is developing at an astonishing rate affecting every aspect of our lives, and this trend is not missing out on the automotive industry either. Almost all new cars on sale today are equipped with features, which are implemented with the help of embedded systems. The different kind of security and comfort innovations are making these systems even more complex than before.

The architectural design, implementation, maintenance and updating of software, which are capable of managing these systems, are results of the cooperation of a lot of professionals. Because of this the automotive industry has become almost fully globalised, the biggest manufacturers and their Tier One suppliers have sites and development centres all over the world.

Since every software is developed by hundreds of engineers, it is unimaginable that everyone has a complete overview of the software. In most cases every co-worker implements a given task, then delivers it. The integration of the solutions of the tasks are carried out by the software integrators, who do have the overview of the architecture and functioning of the software.

As a part of my thesis I had to develop an integration framework, which is supposed to make this process a lot faster, by automating the different kind of sub-processes. The most part of the framework will be used by the integrator, while another part was made to help the developers by simplifying the delivery process of the tasks carried out by them.


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