An automated archiving solution for OpenStack based cloud systems

OData support
Dr. Simon Csaba
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

The thesis is about cloud storage systems and their storage solutions of the systems used nowdays. It shows the technologies of cloud systems and describes the popular models. Describes user necessarities and the future development opportunities of cloud computing.

It provides an overview of how to manage large-scale data storage solutions provided by community development, their bugs, and demonstrates their testing.

Describes the OpenStack based cloud system of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences Wigner Research Centre for Physics Data Center, the user groups and similar systems in the industry. It describes the most popular cloud computing system created in 2010 through the OpenStack open interfaces software solutions. Insights into the design of an archiving and retrieval solution. Provides a demonstration of the testing of the program, use and explains the development of it and the integration capabilities. Exposure to many cloud computing technologies and data storage, export, import, and migration techniques. It summarizes the work done and the future of the subject.


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