User interface based automated testing on mobile platforms

OData support
Dr. Charaf Hassan
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

This work is motivated by effective software development. Fulfilling the requirements raised are done through by providing a very efficient way for testing software productions. The whole solution aims to improve the quality of using human resources in the development process and trigger events to increase the productivity. It makes possible to avoid the repetative testing activities that can consume great time and overhead caused by even any unsignificant modification of the source code.

This work aims to make transparent all the technology based solutions applied in the mobile software products. Here a list is about the main advantages of the project and the usage:

1. Short studying period, promises a very easy way for memorizing the usage

2. No need for technological knowledge (platforms, programming languages, technology based solutions) to apply

3. Test cases can be written very easily and are perspicuous

4. Makes manual testing unnecessary in a very high rate

5. The solution can be extended to any platform and contains all the functions to provide effective solution for mobile platforms

6. Fits to existing infrastructure and extends the existing testing methodologies

The solution provides a very high level language that can be used to describe mainly two things: user interface interactions (e.g.: click on button, type the word „hello”, slide down the list) and expressions those are used to validate the proper functioning of the software. These descriptions can be written just like using written English language with few limitations. This guarantees that it is very easy to learn how to write test programs and runnable tester programs can be written in very short time. Additionally it is easy to understand the action of the tester program. Under the hood an interpreter is working that is used to process the high level language based description. This is responsible to create source code that actually can be compiled and ran on the appropriate platform. Meanwhile test cases are running automatically a definite testing framework collects all the result of the proper functioning and makes it public for the related infrastructure (where reports can be queried from).


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