Developement of Automated Internet Measurement System

OData support
Dr. Heszberger Zalán Tamás
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

Today, the Internet is a key infrastructure, it is important to know the behavior and current conditions of it. This Thesis deals with Internet route measurements, which helps to better understand, and tries to answer these question.

For this purpose, an automated measurement system was developed, which carries out internet measurements with the help of the PlanetLab network. The system is monitoring the parts of the internet seen by the nodes of the network. The collected measurements are stored and processed by multiple pipelines for different purposes, like route evolution observation. To provide a reliable data feed, the measurement system was designed for continuous and fault tolerant operation, extended with operational supervision functions. The used and developed technologies are accessible under Open-source licenses. Anybody has access to them and can further develop new components to it.

The collected data and its preliminary analysis demonstrated, that the measurement system can provide insights into the behavior of Internet routes. The publicized results and tools can have a real value for groups interested in internet measurements.


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