Development of automatic cable tester

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Dr. Fazekas Péter
Department of Networked Systems and Services

Nowadays with the continues expansion of electronic, the effective energy and information

transmitting becomes more and more important. This funciton is mostly

done by cables. The production of wires is found in the profile of many companies,

including the car industry suppliers. In this industry the need for different types

of cables are excessively high and the design of these cables are usually different.

Because of the high quality requirements and to avoid malfunctions it is ineviteble

to test the products after the manufacturing.

In my thesis I present the design of an automated cable-tester which is capable of

making these types of tests. To begin with, I looked through the given specifications,

then i created the plans for the wanted system. Next I explain the design step-bystep,

first I introduce the selection of the important parts, after that i analyse the

sections of the wiring diagram, finally i present the design of the printed circuit

board. After the inspection of the producted device, I demonstrate the discovered

errors of the board. Then I introduce the operation and the structure of the embedded

firmware which performs the basic functions. Meanwhile I present the program

and the embedded software enviroment which i used for the design of the printed

circuit board and the results of the tests that are made on the device.


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