Automated irrigation system development

OData support
Eredics Péter
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

My thesis is about the design and implementation of an automated irrigation system. The system provides accurate amount of water to the plants reflecting to the environmental conditions. The way of configuration was also an important factor, the user can manage it locally or remotly.

Users have the oppurtunity to control the irrigation system via graphical programmes, they may choose between manual or automatic operation. The irrigation system sends feedbacks to the user of the actual state of the irrigation zones and the information collected by the attached sensors.

My system is able to work for a pre-specifized area, but can be adapted for larger areas with new hardwers added to the system to provide the irrigation of a newly specifized area. In my work six zones can be controlled by the system. The system can be configured and controlled via cellphone or computer using the mobile or the desktop application. Besides these, it can be accessed through a website or a local terminal. Many sensors are attached to the system to detect temperature, humidity, wet and soil moisture to assure optimal irrigation.

My system can be used for irrigating areas, where the plantation or greenery needs accurate maintenance of water levels.


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