Automatised static code analyses in automotive embedded systems

OData support
Oláh István
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

The fast evolution of electronics and informatics also had a major impact on the automotive industry. In today’s cars complex system of electronic control units ensure suitable operation. The control units also have an ever-larger software, which must work reliably over the long service life.

The software is developed by a large team, often in different regions for many years, so constant attention has to be paid to maintain its complexity and clarity. To ensure this, various standards, rules, and metrics have been defined in the automotive industry, which partly can be tested by static code analyzes. Compliance with the established principles will greatly reduce the number of occurring errors. Due to the large size of the software and the decreasing development time, the automation of the tests is expected to be as high as possible.

The task of the thesis is learning such an automated analysis system and customizing it to a particular development project. After familiarizing with software development, static analysis and its types, it is a goal to further develop the analysis system functions and deploy it to automatic daily usage.


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