Automated Collection of Telemetrics Using Arduino and Raspberry PI

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Dr. Mezei Gergely
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

In recent years, using Arduino and Raspberry Pi have become very popular in hobby electronics and in small industrial projects as well. With the help of these platforms it is now possible to use sensors and hardware elements easily to create complex IoT devices. The two platforms have different characteristics, thus they can be used for different purposes efficiently.

The aim of this thesis is to use both platforms in one project, so we can discover the possibilities of using the platforms together in a cooperating style. My task was to create a vehicle which is able to collect telemetry automatically about the characteristics of the environment. The vehicle has a line tracking function, which enhances that the vehicle can follow a predefined track. The vehicle is able to collect telemetry while line tracking. Telemetry collection means measuring the temperature and relative humidity of the air.

While I was realizing this project, I explored several possibilities of Arduino and Raspberry Pi. Moreover, I examined the connection types among the two platforms. Considering the characteristics of these platforms, it was possible to delegate the tasks to the appropriate platform. Both platforms realize specific parts of the tasks.

The vehicle was tested, which helped to explore the practical benefits of this project. According to the test results of the vehicle, several future plans have been made up, which enhance the industrial usage and the justification of the vehicle.


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