Implementation of automated tests in eCATT at SAP APO

OData support
Dr. Martinek Péter
Department of Electronics Technology

I made my Thesis at the SAP Labs Hungary, I delt with the development of eCATT on the field of SAP APO. My theme was to make test cases for the transactions of the Planning Version Copy, and then to make automatized tests, using them to check by all functionality if the application works properly.

My first exercise was to learn about the test tool of the SAP eCATT and about the eCATT script language used by the same. Having studied this mean, I could be taken up by the field of SAP APO. In order to be able to copy Planning Versions, I needed master datas, so my main work was to know these transactions in the field of APO.

The collection of literature and experience was followed up by the planning part. I created a general test concept where the main aim was that it must be reuseable, be able to have parameters, and modules, be expandible and well documentated. I created different reusable parameters, so that I shouldn’t start all tests from scratch and I used certain components in all test cases.

Having finished the planning section, I could start working on the implementation. Taking the earlier determined conceptions into consideration, first I created the different reusable components (creating master data model for copying, executing of the Planning Version Copy, and finally removing the master data model created for the test, from the system) and then with the help of these components, I made the eCATT scripts used for the realization of the tests.

The last step was to run the ready made, automatized tests and the evaulation of the same. The test basicly run without any problems, but if I found any mistakes, I analized and corrected them. These problems could be either created by the application or by the eCATT script. The application problems were corrigated by the developers, while the problems of the script were improved by me.


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