Development of automatic test cases with eCATT in SAP PLM environment

OData support
Dr. Szikora Béla
Department of Electronics Technology

I made my BSc Thesis Project at SAP Labs Hungary. My task was to create automatic test cases with the SAP eCATT tool.

The first chapter represents the technologies and SAP modules connected closely to my thesis project. It delineates the SAP PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) and Recipe Development module. Within this, it represents the concepts and properties of the RM’s basic data, the specification, because the created automatic test cases take place in the topic of specifications.

The second chapter explains what kind of testing and test automation principles and strategies exist usually during the system development and what are their advantages and disadvantages. It also presents the eCATT tool and its script language.

The third chapter shows in details the challenges of testing a Web Dynpro application: how to record an application and what other opportunities are there after the recording.

In the fourth chapter each developed test script is represented by a subsection. Planning the test scripts I took focus on the construction, reusability, expandability and well documentation of the scripts. The scripts pan out on creating and changing specifications, setting specifications’ header status, the inheritance of specifications and also displaying the workflow in Business Client. At the end of each subsections there’s the result log according to the script.

The last chapter represents how the scripts inside the Test Configurations take place in the Test Catalog and the Test Plan.


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