Elaborating automatic test environment

OData support
László Zoltán Dr.
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

The task is to establish the automated testing environment for the web application named Review Machine, developed as an internal project at the IT company EPAM Systems. The company's employees apply this tool to review each other’s performance using predetermined metrics. There are three different categories of employees distinguished by their accessibility of the system’s functions, the employees without subordinates, the team leaders with subordinates and the administrators. The objective is the automated testing of the features available to these user groups.

The thesis presents a detailed description of the Review Machine application to be tested, its goals, and features available to the employees, as well as the project’s development and testing environment. This paper describes the steps to be taken from the initiation of the work to the realization of the automated testing environment. The thesis shows which software is to be used for testing purposes together with the Java programming language, how they can be used and what their benefits are. This paper outlines the tools of the Selenium framework to be used for automated testing, their different characteristics, features and the handling of the applied ones. The following sections define the formalism used for the programming of the test cases, the different ways to implement them, their advantages and disadvantages, and the testing and development workflow of the project. The most important elements of the test environment are the test cases, the expected results of these are presented together with their objectives and complete details of programmed project. Finally, the paper covers the current and future steps to be taken in the application’s development.


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