Developing automated test scenarios for graphical user interface of SAP logon application

OData support
Dr. Szikora Béla
Department of Electronics Technology

There are many challenges in the testing of applications what are developed to mobile platforms. The execution of manual tests are time-consuming, they have slow operation time and they are not cost-efficient. The different testautomation frameworks can run the tests in a fast and effective way, they are also cost-efficient in a long term.

With the Robotium framework we can develop black-box tests easily for the testing of Android applications, without the knowing of the source code.

With the Selenium framework the testing of web-based applications could be done easily.

The SAP development team in Budapest brought to market a solution, with we can connect to enterprise servers safely. This application comes as a part of a framework. With this framework we can develop reusable, customizable and extensible applications easily.

In my thesis work I present testing processes, methods, automated test scenarios, and the design and implementation phases of the automated test cases developed for this application. I also highlight the importance of the testing, and which when testing is deserving.


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