Using automated testing tools in software development

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Dr. Simon Balázs
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

Several automated technologies could be used during a software development life cycle that can simplify the work of testers, or even developers. The goal of my thesis is the demonstration of such tools through the finished system and within that, couple cases of example. Nowadays the most frequently used testing tool in the development of web applications is Selenium, which imitates the behavior of a user, and that way, verifies the system operations. Naturally, it is not effective as a sole tool, so the plan is to connect more system with Selenium as a core, supplemented that way, we obtain a technology which can be used in practice.

The first one of my three main threads, that my thesis goes through deals with the basis of software testing. Here I demonstrate the basic concepts of testing and their various forms and the 7 principles of testing. After that, presenting the commonly used software development life cycles and the usage of testing stages. In the rest of the section I illustrate the used technologies in the thesis, which are mainly Selenium, TestNG, TestLink and Jenkins.

The next chapter is the planning phase, where I display the theory behind the structure of the system practically, but still only theoretically. This section is made up of diagrams of the system and their descriptions. putting the emphasis on the setup of system’s structure and the component’s communication.

The last big segment is the realization of the architecture. In here it’s only about the practical elements of the system such as the concrete synthesis, the connection and the execution. Surveying the configurations needed for the compilation, the structure of the test cases and the results of the test runs.

Lastly the subsisting part is about the evaluation of the system, and summarizing my experiences during the planning and the implementation phases.


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