Design and implementation for an automated test execution environment

OData support
Dr. Blázovics László
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Testing forms a highly important part in the development of safety critical systems. The aim of this thesis is to improve an automated test environment used in testing of such systems.

Automated testing greatly reduces the possibility of human errors in the testing process, and also provides the test repeatability and a uniformed test report format. Automatization also makes the process more time and energy efficient, which makes it a great way of cost reduction.

First of all a proper introduction is given about the goals, the phases and the processes of the development for the better understanding; also the basic terminology used in testing is summarized. The Eclipse development environment was used so I summarized its structure, architecture, the functions and relations of its different elements. This paper also provides an introduction on how to extend Eclipse, with emphasis on plugin development and some of the most important extension points. Since part of the test automation is made on the GUI level, the JFace framework and the underlying SWT widget set is also mentioned. Implementation of the project was done in Java, which is also summarized with focus on its Exception handling capabilities, as this was crucial for the project. Closely related to Java and Eclipse, and used extensively in the project, is the Javadoc documentation system, which is also presented.

The finished product is already in daily use, which proves its viability and usability.


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