Development of an automated test environment for integrated testing of dialysis equipments

OData support
Dr. Ender Ferenc
Department of Electron Devices

Nowadays modern medical equipments are created by the result of great engineering work. So do the dialysis machines manufactured by the B. Braun Kft., which perform life-saving hemodialysis therapy of people suffering from kidney disease. Dialysis machines consist of many hardware and software elements, so it's essential to test the integration of these elements during development. I've got a task for the the semester to build up a framework, which can automate the integration testing of a dialysis machine under development through the Graphical User Interface.

In this paper, first I give a short introduction of the dialysis machine and the fundamentals of testing, then I describe in details the terms connecting to the task, and the available GUI testing applications. After that I describe the system plan, and the implementation details, including Python programming language and Tesseract application. I give deep description of my test case description file format, and the working and connecting of each module. At last, I evaluate the made framework and I give some suggestion for the further development.


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