Development of automated test system for enterprise application in iOS environment

OData support
Dr. Szikora Béla
Department of Electronics Technology

Testing is very important part of software development process especially, in enterprise environment.

In case of mobile applications, the implementation of automated user interface tests reduces the testing time substantially.

I made my thesis at mobile development section of SAP Labs Hungary kft. The goal of my thesis is to implement an automated test system in iOS environment. With the help of this system, the testing of a currently developed application, the MAFLogon, can be made more efficient and faster.

Firstly, I present the automated testing opportunities of Android and iOS platform. In both cases I demonstrate with examples how easily automated tests can be written in practice. In the iOS section I particularly describe the Xcode Instruments tool.

Secondly, I describe the SAP Mobile Application Platform and its protocols. After that, I present the MAFLogon application and its association with the SAP Mobile Application Platform.

In the third section, I implement the automated test system based on the Model-View-Controller architecture.

Finally, I simulate a part of a regression testing. As a result, I compare the manual testing process with the implemented automated test system.


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