Develepoment of automated test system in enterprise environment for native mobile applications

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Dr. Ekler Péter
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Testing is very important part of software development process. It comes up every software development methodologies, for example in the classical water-fall model or in the agile methodologies, which are widespread nowadays. In enterprise environment, testing is almost the most important part of the software development process, many developers work on a software development project and it increases the number of bugs in the software product.

I made my thesis at mobile development section on SAP Labs Hungary Kft. The goal of my thesis is to implement an automated test system which tests two native libraries on Android and iOS as little human interactions as possible.

Firstly, I present the integration test opportunities of Android an iOS platform. Secondly, I describe the build automation and I present the differences between Maven and Gradle build automation tools then I demonstrate the differences with a simple Java application.

After that, I will describe the most popular continuous integration tool named Jenkins, which can be used to define new jobs for test activities. In the forth section, I will give some details about cloud computing and SAP-Monsoon cloud system.

In last three sections I present the two native libraries on Android and iOS. I implement the integration tests for Android and iOS as well. After that I implement the automated test system, which run the integration tests automatically. As a result, I compare the manual testing process with the implemented test system.


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